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Admission Procedure
Rules and Regulations
Fee Regulations
Class Timings
Working Hours for MBA -  9.45 a.m  to  4.45 p.m.
The students’ attendance should be 75% at the minimum
Leave of Absence
Students are required to get prior permission from the Faculty Advisor/Director regarding their leave of absence.
Eligibility to appear for the end semester examinations
Only on fulfilling the attendance status and the clearing of Fee dues, the students would be eligible to attend the university examinations
Good manners and Behavior
  • Students attending classes, meetings or other gatherings within the College are expected to follow perfect Dress Code and Proper etiquettes  
  • Students who meet  a member of the staff for the first time in the day, he / she must greet him / her appropriately
  • Smoking is forbidden in the College premises, to write or make any mark on the walls or desks or throw paper or ink on the walls or floors of the classrooms or corridors. Severe action will be taken against the offenders.
  • Students abstaining from classes will be punished
  • Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the college premises.
Disciplinary Regulations
  • Students not allowed to participate in party or communal politics.
  • The Principal has a right to impose fine for loss of attendance, loss of term certificate by suspension or expulsion.
  • Students are not allowed to speak unparliamentary language in the campus
  • No private collection of funds shall be made from the students or the staff without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Any student who wishes to obtain a Transfer / Conduct certificate must apply for it in writing. Certificates will be issued only on 48 hours notice to the College Office.
  • The charge for the issue of duplicate copies will be Rs.50/- per certificate
  • No certificate will be posted unless a sufficiently stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed with the application.
Ragging is strictly banned. Students indulging in Ragging will be dismissed as defined by the Court orders of AICTE
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